Waukegan SSI Attorney: Reasons For Getting Rejected

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Lawyers

Every single year there are thousands of individuals who try to apply for social security income. Most of these people are people who feel that they have worked hard enough and long enough that they are entitled to receive these benefits. Unfortunately, most people are surprised to be hit with the fact that social security benefits are not so easy to obtain. In fact, the social security office can be really strict about who they issue benefits to. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a large percentage of the individuals who file for benefits to be denied the first time. There are a whole plethora of reasons why you might be denied and a Waukegan SSI attorney would be able to figure out whether or not the denial was justified.

The amount of income you receive plays a massive role in whether or not you can even receive benefits. This is a government assistance program that was designed to help people in need. If you make too much money they are not going to give you the benefits. The social security system would deny you for this reason simply because they do not think you need them in order to maintain financial stability.

It is also not uncommon for you to get denied for benefits simply because the social security office is having a hard time finding you. If you are not the easiest person to get ahold of, you need to make sure the social security office has your Waukegan SSI attorney as a contact. This way information you need to receive in order to move forward can get to you. This information could be as simple as wanting you to go to an appointment with one of their doctors to be evaluated.

It is not uncommon for you to be denied benefits because the social security doctors do not feel you are disabled. When that happens you would need to consult with a law firm such as Nash Disability Law to fight the doctors’ findings. The problem with being evaluated by a doctor that does not know you is that you could just be having a good day. They know nothing about the long term effects of your condition or you personally. You would just need your doctor to provide a written statement explaining that your condition fluctuates.

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