General and Emergency Care from Dentists in Laurel, MS

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No one understands how important it is to take care of your teeth than a patient who has experienced severe dental pain. Pain in your teeth and gum’s usually comes from either a cavity or an infection in your gum’s. Cavities and infections can be prevented with general dental care, but severe infections may need emergency dental care. If you’re experiencing severe dental pain contact Smile Time Family Dentistry right away. Infections in your gum’s are serious, and need to be treated right away. Don’t wait until your in the emergency with extreme pain, get the treatment you need as soon as you think you have an infection.

Sudden dental issues can be treated by Dentists in Laurel, MS in an emergency clinic, if it is possible to wait you should. Dental emergencies are issues that could results in serious impact of a patients health, and cannot wait until typical office hours. For general care Dentists in Laurel, MS should be seen in their offices during normal hours. Not all dentists operate on an emergency basis, and you should call ahead to your clinic if possible. If you have an infection, have suffered a serious impact to your teeth or gum’s, or have severe pain for reasons your not sure of, you should seek emergency dental care. Emergency dental care can be much more expensive that typical care, and some insurance providers don’t cover emergency care, so be sure not to use emergency care if it’s avoidable.

For general check ups, cleaning or other typical care make an appointment with your dental care provider. General care is much less expensive, and does not require any special tools or training. Things like cavities, even though they are sometimes quite painful, are not considered emergencies. Although you might not be turned away for emergency care, it would cost a lot less to visit your usual dentist. To help prevent the need for emergency dental care you can brush, floss, and use mouth wash at least once per day. Although typical dental hygiene doesn’t prevent some emergencies, it should help prevent decay and most infections. Visit  for emergency dental care.

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