Extractions and Adult Orthodontics in Manassas

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Although most cases receiving orthodontic treatment do not require extractions of permanent teeth, it is sometimes said, for various reasons, dentists who specialize in Adult Orthodontics in Manassas must use remove teeth. A general dentist can provide extractions as well, but it is the orthodontists who can perform the more in-depth procedures most dentists cannot. These range from installing braces to undergoing actual surgery to improve your smile, bite and/or oral health.

Reasons for seeing an orthodontist include:

Lack of space
*  Severely damaged teeth
*  Significant imbalances between the jaws (skeletal problems) or in preparation for orthognathic surgery
*  Loss of supporting tissues of the teeth (periodontal)
*  Large protrusion of the anterior teeth and lips, reducing the profile and facial aesthetics (bimaxillary protrusion)
*  A significant asymmetry within the dental arch is needed.

Depending on the circumstances, any tooth may be considered as a candidate for extraction. This is to help ease orthodontic corrections. Some teeth, such as molars, are taken more frequently than others. Premolar and molar extractions are two of the most common extractions of teeth today.

Premolars are the teeth most commonly extracted. These teeth, usually medium in size, are between grouped near the anterior and posterior teeth. This can provide space for these two regions of the arch. They are often near where space is necessary and there are two on each side. If one is removed, the other continues to play their role. This makes premolars ideal candidates for extraction. Gainesville Orthodontics will extract premolars because of severe lack of space, asymmetry arcades, damaged teeth, and teeth that have a significant loss of tissue.

As for molars, it is rare to use molar extractions to correct malocclusions. However, it is appropriate in some situations. Some indications where extracted molars are performed consist of: Very damaged teeth, open bites, impacted teeth that do not show, opening a space for other teeth to move, etc. Given the possible poor state of your molars, Adult Orthodontics in Manassas may opt to extract and close the spaces created by these extractions. This approach is very unusual, but beneficial. This can save you significant dental expenses were necessary, making room for root canal treatments, repairs, crowns, etc. If you have any other questions or concerns about orthodontics, contact your local dentist today.


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