Hiring A Lawyer In Cape Girardeau, MO For Your Social Security Disability Claim

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A lawyer in Cape Girardeau, MO provides you with invaluable information related to laws that apply to your case. Your preferred attorney assists you with filing claims for benefits and initiating a lawsuit. These services are beneficial to anyone who are eligible for social security disability or were denied worker’s compensation benefits.

Social Security Benefits

As an adult who is eligible for social security disability benefits, it is sometimes necessary for you to hire an attorney to assist you. Initially, the SSA will deny a claim for individuals who do not have clear evidence of their disability. The SSA will deem the claim inconclusive and consequently deny the claim based on lack of evidence. However, with the assistance of a lawyer who handles SSI cases, you are more likely to acquire these benefits.

Your attorney may acquire these benefits for you in one of two ways. They may file a claim through the court and schedule a hearing or appeal for your case. Or they may contact the SSA and negotiate with this agency on your behalf and refile your application.

Local Attorneys

Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan Law Offices, P.C provide assistance with filing claims for benefits. They assist the disabled in filing for social security benefits as well as offer help to injured employees who were denied worker’s compensation benefits. These attorneys are familiar with methods that are necessary to file applications and new claims for these benefits. If you wish to file a claim through an attorney for social security disability or need legal assistance with your worker’s compensation claim, you may contact this law office to schedule a consultation.


You should hire a lawyer in Cape Girardea, MO when you need help with social security or worker’s compensation benefits. Lawyers who practice in these legal fields are familiar with the paperwork that is necessary to file effective claims for these benefits. They will guide you through this process to ensure that you have provided all necessary information in your claim. To discuss these benefits with an attorney, you should contact your preferred law office and schedule an appointment.

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