How an Arborist in Weston Extends the Lives of Important Trees

October, 2018 by Alma Abell

How an Arborist in Weston Extends the Lives of Important Trees

Trees are a natural blessing that few people stop to recognize, but in truth, none of us would even be here were it not for trees. Trees have given humans firewood for heat for millenia, raw material for building homes, boats, floors, furniture and more, and many trees provide food in the form of nuts and fruit.

Sometimes people form special relationships with trees, recognizing a particular tree’s historical significance, for example, or individual beauty and majesty. Some couples plant a tree to commemorate the birth of each of their children. Others only purchase living Christmas trees and plant them outside when the season is over as a living memory to Christmas past.

Sometimes it happens that, for whatever reason, there is a tree in a person’s life which holds special significance, and therefore it becomes important to care for that tree in such a way as to ensure that nothing happens to it. When you have a special tree in your life, you also need a relationship with an Arborist in Weston, much like a mother needs a pediatrician for her child. An Arborist in Weston can provide the care tailored to the needs of your unique tree. One especially notable Arborist in Weston is the Tree Lady Company. The arborists at the Tree Lady Company offer highly specialized care that the average lawn and garden company does not. In addition to routine tree maintenance and proper pruning techniques they provide out of the ordinary services such as lightning protection for valuable trees. By installing lightning protection you give an important tree the ability to withstand a direct lightning strike, and the cost of doing so is less than would be the cost of having the tree removed should it be struck by lightning and need to be removed. An arborist also offers services such as dynamic tree bracing which give trees essential support at vulnerable times in their lives. Another specialized service that will do much to improve the health and extend the life of a favorite tree is root excavation. Root excavation essentially prevents a tree from being “choked” by its own roots.

Provide the special trees in your life with the care they need by hiring Arborist in Weston

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