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April, 2014 by Alma Abell

It was not too many years ago when playground equipment was either made from metal or wood or if purchased, usually playground suppliers specialized in one thing or another, rarely could you locate a supplier of purpose made playground equipment who carried the whole gamut. The net result was that most playgrounds were pretty dismal places, perhaps they had a couple of swings, a simple rotating platform and if the playground was really well equipped, they would have a jungle gym of some sort.

Today, reputable playground suppliers can cater to municipalities, apartment complexes, condo developments, shopping malls, playschools and a host of other customers who wish to install a safe and complete playground for the children of the residents or the children of their customers.
Modern playground equipment is no longer made from metal and wood, not only do these materials rot and corrode; they often have sharp corners, protruding nails and rusty surfaces that can easily injure a child. The best equipment is now made from rugged plastic, fiberglass and other materials which can guarantee long life and complete safety. The equipment is well made and designed so that it can be easily and quickly erected on site. Not only does modern equipment have all these features, there is no limit to the colors that can be used and colors are important for children.

When one considers playground and playground suppliers it is important to work with a company that can supply all the equipment and they are known for their quality and reliability. Reputable suppliers will support their equipment with in-process quality assurance that subjects the equipment to stringent tests during the manufacturing process. The entire process begins with incoming raw material inspection and ends when every component meets the manufacturing expectations and criteria.

Most of the major manufacturers of playground equipment supply product to water parks, hotels and holiday resorts, amusement parks as well as for family enjoyment. Due to the potential liability involved when the facilities are open to the public, the most stringent design and attention to detail is mandatory. As these facilities are located all over the world, local representation is important.

If you are charged with the responsibility of sourcing playground suppliers always look for those who first and foremost can support their work with testimonials from satisfied clients.



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