Best Fence For Rent Options In Chicago

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While fencing is desirable, or even required, installing a permanent fence may not be the best option available. For special occasions, construction sites and special events, a temporary fence is often an ideal solution. For those times, Chicago companies specialize in providing rental fencing. Temporary fencing is available in different configurations designed to fit a variety of needs.

Companies offering a Fence For Rent in Chicago work with clients to determine which fencing best fits the needs of those clients. Typical fence configurations are available for crowd control during special events, carnivals, sporting events or other gatherings. Typically, these users might need temporary chain link panels that are fastened together. The panels are normally six to eight feet high and ten to twelve feet wide. Because the panels actually sit on top of the ground, they can easily be reconfigured as needed. These fences are a highly visible barrier, and work very well to control traffic in and around the site.

Silt fencing is also available to control dirt movement, especially around construction sites. The fabric used is trenched six inches into the ground to prevent lifting. Commonly used to control runoff, silt fencing protects roadways, area homes or commercial building and roadways from being blocked or damaged. With today’s emphasis on pollution control, silt fencing is also routinely used to prevent sediment from entering area waterways.

Barricades are also provided by top companies providing Fence For Rent in Chicago. Barricades are very portable and can be quickly installed wherever needed. They are idea for rapidly blocking streets during parades or for directing traffic around any short term road blockage. Setup and take-down are completed in minutes.

Area fencing experts like United Rent-A-Fence ( suggest talking to a rental fencing company before making any decisions about the type or scope of fencing to be installed. Industry professionals will help to decide which rental fencing options are best suited to each client’s needs, as tailoring the installation to the specific site needs helps to control costs and minimize safety risks. Major companies provide free estimates for clients and work quickly and efficiently to ensure the best possible fencing solution.

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