Specialized Commercial Doors in South Jersey Meet Many Needs

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

All doors serve a purpose, but that doesn’t mean that they need to look strictly utilitarian. Commercial doors in South Jersey, for example, often are made to enhance the appearance of the customer-facing parts of retail and even industrial buildings even as they perform essential functions.

For most companies, one of these essential functions is to provide security. Therefore, industrial and light industrial companies often use steel doors even on the fronts of their buildings. Fortunately, these don’t have to be plain, flat doors. Instead, they are usually made to look the same as wooden ones. Someone approaching the building usually won’t realize that the door is steel unless they try to open it. Those opening the door properly will have no problem, but any miscreants who try to kick it will get sore feet.

When a door is going to be placed at the back of a commercial building, appearances are much less important. Therefore, plain flat steel doors are commonly installed. However, these doors may still have added functionality. Fire door systems are some of the most common add-ons, and doors to shipping areas often have peepholes.

In retail locations, it’s common to forego high security in favor of glass doors that allow people to see when the store is open. These doors are also much more inviting to would-be customers than opaque ones, so the high amount of glass is seen as an acceptable trade-off. Despite the glass, such doors aren’t necessarily as risky as they might seem. The glass is usually a shatterproof variety that is also reinforced enough to withstand decently-strong blows. When combined with a strong steel frame, they provide acceptable security. Stores often add more security in the form of cameras and posts that prevent cars from being able to drive through the doors or windows, and this is enough to stop any casual thieves.

You can also find commercial doors in South Jersey within both retail and industrial buildings. Public restroom doors are a good example of interior steel doors. Interior commercial doors also are found in the offices and other specialized rooms of a building. The properties of these interior room doors will depend on the level of security and durability required, but most are sturdy and long-lasting even in light-security situations. For more info visit www.steeldoorsinc.com