Things That May Cause You to Call for Appliance Repair in Lancaster, PA

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many types of appliances will last for years, but they all eventually need some repairs in order to keep running. Therefore, appliance repair companies like JB Zimmerman see plenty of business.

Refrigerators are often the recipient of appliance repair service Lancaster PA. Fortunately, many refrigerator troubles are surprisingly easy to fix. If water leaks from the freezer compartment into the fridge area, for instance, the problem is usually a clogged defroster drainage hose. A lack of cooling in the fridge area while the freezer still works is often caused by a similar issue. Therefore, it may not cost too much to get your refrigerator working right again.

Stoves tend to be very reliable, but eventually, the thermostat may stop working. When this happens, the stove will usually overheat rather than cease to operate. This is due to the fact that a broken thermostat never tells the stove that it should shut off. The cost of fixing this problem varies to an extreme degree depending on the age of stove involved and the availability of parts. The same dynamics that drive the value of collectibles apply here; prices will be cheaper when parts are widely available and vice versa.

Fortunately, thermostats on stoves usually last for the life of the appliance. Electric elements are far more likely to need replacement, and fortunately, these are generally affordable.

Washers and dryers are fairly simple in terms of mechanical operation. Most have a tub and a motor as their basic components. Belt-driven systems are common, though, and belts eventually wear out. Therefore, you’ll likely need appliance repair Lancaster PA to replace a belt at some point.

One thing that has complicated the repair of appliances in recent years is the rise of electronic control systems. These systems can be convenient while they work, but they add another point of failure wherever they exist. If you call for repair involving the electronics of a modern machine, you’ll likely be told that you need a new control board or an equivalent part. Unfortunately, such a diagnosis is usually accurate. Moisture from laundry rooms and kitchens often corrodes the boards, and the only economical solution is to put in new ones. Even so, they are common enough that such repairs are likely to be within your budget.

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