Advantages of Professional Pet Grooming in Lenexa, KS

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Veterinarians

Brushing, petting and combing your pet every day is a great way to bond with your furry friend. However, some pets are easier to groom than others. Also, you may start out with the best of intentions to keep your pet looking nice but life gets in the way. Perhaps you’ve gotten ill or your per becomes unruly during bathing, brushing or nail clipping. Suddenly, your clean and neat pet looks like a tangled mess. In the long run, it’s better for you and your pet to hire professional pet grooming in Lenexa, KS than trying to do it yourself.


Saves Time

Owners of long-haired cats or poodle-type dogs know how fast their pet’s hair grows. Soon it becomes tangled or matted. Combing or brushing it becomes painful for the pet and she hides whenever you reach for the brush. So you try to do a series of sneak attacks in order to get the pet groomed. You manage it, but it takes so much time that new tangles develop. Save time by letting a professional groomer wash and clip your pet. The groomer can do a short clip that means less time grooming your pet each day.

Saves Stress

Hair or fur needs to be washed before it is clipped or trimmed. Otherwise, the skin can be painfully pulled. You really need several electric clippers and scissors in order to quickly groom your pet. Who has time to learn how to properly handle all of this equipment? It’s much less stress on your pet and you to get the pet bathed and clipped by a professional groomer. Since many groomers are located in or near a vet clinic, any accident that may happen can be attended to right away.

Saves Your Sanity

Owning an ill-groomed pet can lower your self-esteem. After all, you are a human and supposedly higher up on the evolutionary ladder than your pet. Yet, your pet always seems to figure out how to wriggle out of any bath or brushing session. Get a professional groomer to save your sanity and keep your pet healthy.

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