The Importance of Smiling

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

The Importance of Smiling

There are many reasons for looking after our teeth, perhaps one of the most important and yet most overlooked is the importance of being able to smile with confidence. Our smile is one of our most important methods of visual communication. A smile which displays good healthy pearly white teeth says so much about you as an individual. It shows that you are intelligent, successful, outgoing, and the sort of person who is worth having in the lives of other people. There are innumerate psychological studies which inculcate the importance of smiling as a pre-cursor to healthy personal and professional relationships. Smiling then is an essential component of being human.

Dentistry, smiling and missing teeth.

A dentist may not be the person to talk to about anxiety or self-confidence issues, which may be stopping an individual from feeling happy on the inside. However, (cosmetic or otherwise), the dentist is the person to present advice on and insist on good dental hygiene. It is usual for a Findlay, OH dentist to repair teeth which have been damaged, damaged or those that are missing. In the latter case a dental bridge (a false tooth) is used to close the gap between two missing teeth. These false teeth are not be confused with removal dentures and the type of dental bridge used depends where in the mouth the gap is found. In addition, where a tooth is missing or damaged gum disease is much more likely and so early treatment should stop it occurring in the first place. It seems almost obvious to state but if a tooth is damaged or missing, the bite alignment will be disrupted and/or the patient may be in considerable pain. It also possible that patients speech may be affected, exacerbating the confidence issues caused by feeling unable to smile in the first place.

How to get your smile back

Many dentists will not administer this type of treatment without a firm commitment to a rigorous dental hygiene regime, in fact many will insist on it. In short if a person has damaged their teeth the dentist will repair them and the benefits of following their advice will benefit the patient for at least a decade. For more cosmetic reasons the dentist will require regular checkups and strict adherence to basic dental hygiene practice.

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