Choosing the Right Local Movers in NYC

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Whether the upcoming move involves relocating to an apartment on another floor or moving across town to a different borough, it pays to hire the right local movers in NYC. Taking the time to ask a few questions in advance will provide assurance that the move will go off with a minimum of fuss. That’s a factor that is especially important on the day that the move is schedule to take place. Bonding and Insurance CoverageBefore engaging any movers for the upcoming project, take the time to ask about bonding and liability insurance coverage. Professional movers in NYC will have both types of coverage for anyone who touches the belongings of their clients. The bonding helps to provide protection in case something happens with any of those belongings. The liability coverage will come in very handy if anyone is injured during the course of the move.

ReputationIt never hurts to ask for references before hiring a moving company. Most professional movers are more than happy to provide them up front. The prospective customer should contact those references and ask key questions about the efficiency of the movers. Those questions can touch on factors like the punctuality of the movers on the morning of the move. They can also deal with the level of care and attention provided by the movers during the loading and unloading process. Even questions about the general attitude of the movers can be part of the discussion. If the answers to those questions inspire confidence, then it’s a good idea to hire that company for the move. Additional ServiceAlways ask about additional services that will make the move easier to manage. This includes having a team come in and help with the packing before the day of the move. There is also the possibility of having someone help with the unpacking and the arranging of the furniture once everything is at the new place. While these additional services will mean a little more expense, the time and effort they save will make it much easier to settle into the new place and still have some time to relax before going back to work Monday morning.