Advantages of Having Videographers in DC Court

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Court reporting is something that must be accurate and complete. Before legal videography technology became known, the process included steno-typing on machines and voice recordings that had to be transcribed. These transcripts would show on televisions in the court rooms and computer monitors.

Technology has taken court reporting to an entirely new phase where most proceedings are now video taped by Videographers in DC. The video taping process comes with many different advantages. First and foremost, the video’s allow for an actual court session to be displayed on video. This can be done in real time and copies of these video tapes can be saved for review later.

The transcription from the court recorders can be synchronized with the video so every aspect of the court hearing is captured in video, audio and hard copy. These three combined methods of recording will ensure that the reporting is accurate.

The synchronizing also helps in finding the right area on the video tape. You can search through the text transcript for particular keywords and be able to locate a specific area on the video tape. The Videographers in DC can make sure all of these files are set up so they can be used simultaneously. This is especially useful for the lawyers who are working on the case. The videos are instrumental in helping these legal representatives in sorting through information.

The video tape is instrumental in capturing the most essential elements of any court hearing or trial. Having access to video versus audio only will allow you to review a person’s expressions and the way they come across during a hearing. These video tapes provide precision and accuracy where both of those were once hard to determine when it comes to a court room hearing.

Professional services provided by Gore Brothers Reporting and Video Conferencing include reporting and litigation services, legal video, video conferencing and video streaming. They are able to provide these videos in a variety of formats. There are many other advantages to having any legal proceeding video taped. This is one way to ensure that all records are accurate.

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