How A Videographer Can Strengthen Your Case

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

11511051_xlThe Videographers Maryland lawyers depend on can bring added evidence and strengthen a case by providing a visual explanation for any number of events. From car accidents to slip and falls you can recreate events to help better demonstrate how something was or even wasn’t possible.

Accident Re-enactments
By providing the re-enactment of an accident you will be able to demonstrate how an event actually occurred. This can help disprove someone being at fault or show that the accident could not possibly have happened the way the other side claims. The videographers Maryland lawyers use will be able to assist in recording the events in order to better show the roadways, conditions and issues that may have contributed to the accident as well. Accident re-enactments can often prove to be one of the most powerful tools in pleading your case.

Video Depositions
A video deposition will help you review the deponent’s statements and watch for any clues that something is amiss. As well it will allow you to present the deposition in court should the person be ill or unavailable at the time the case takes place. Depositions are extremely important for lawsuits as it helps you collect information and views on what has taken place. The earlier you are able to use a videographer to record a deposition the fresher the events will be in the deponents mind. You can have the deposition recorded in the area an accident might have taken place to allow jurors to get a better picture of what was supposed to have transpired. A witness can point to where an accident takes place, indicate where they were when the accident occurred and allow for a more dramatic presentation for jurors to watch.

Multiple Cameras
It can be very effective to use multiple cameras to capture both the lawyer and the witness during the deposition. Not all videographers Maryland offers can provide this service so it best to discuss your needs before deciding to hire a videographer. It can show your sincerity and pursuit for the truth more clearly when your face is visible during the questioning.
Hiring videographers Maryland lawyers use for your most important cases will help increase your potential to win by providing clearer evidence for the jury to consider.

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