The Most Professional Videographers in DC

by | May 16, 2014 | Society And People, Tiles

9524932_xlIn the world of law, professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail are attributes which are necessary. The Gore Brothers a company based out of the Washington DC area, have been demonstrating these attributes since 1961 when they began offering litigation support and court reporting services. As a company, they have evolved and made necessary changes over time, staying ahead of the curve both professionally and technologically. When it comes to the legal video industry, they are the finest Videographers in DC.

The services being offered are: reporting and litigation; legal video services; video conferencing and video streaming; and convenient and beautiful conference rooms. With round-the-clock availability, simple on-line scheduling, in-house videographers, and full-service conference rooms, one would be hard-pressed to find a more professional and convenient group of people to work with.

Being the best Videographers in DC means high quality and a dizzying array of the latest technologies. For example, high-definition multiple camera video dispositions; this lets the jury see every angle, facial expressions, and intricacies of body language, creating the most impactful video recordings possible. There is powerful video and transcript synchronizing software, enabling viewing and editing from the convenience of one’s own computer. Also available is high-definition live streaming to an unlimited audience.
Money and time also matters, and a professional videography service saves one’s firm, their staff, and their clients tons of money in the long run. With all the arrangements made for you, one does not have to worry about anything other than the case being built. There is no hassle of having to make arrangements, traveling to several locations, or wasting time, energy and money.

Video recordings are the be all, end all in law. The cameras do not lie. This is important for the presentation of concrete evidence, and leveling the playig field. There can be no biased slants or sleights of hand used against one’s clients during dispositions, interviews, settlement conferences, and mediation. Recording and streaming high-definition video assures that law is done correctly.

Videographers are one’s assistants. They help build a stronger and more reliable case, while also streamlining the process and saving firms and their clients money. In law, the facts, evidence and case are what matters and that is where the majority of focus should be.

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