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In divorce proceedings in Mississippi, the spouses may choose to consent mutually to the divorce. When fault played a role in the breakdown of the marriage, the attorneys need to identify a reason or ground for filing. Among the grounds for divorce are impotence, desertion, drug or alcohol addiction, and fraud. Any parties that wish to file a fault divorce should consult Divorce Attorneys in Biloxi MS.

Residency Requirements for Divorce in Mississippi

Any spouse who wishes to file for a divorce in the state of Mississippi is required to establish a residence in the area for no less than six months prior to filing the divorce petition. If you have been a resident of the state for years, you are required to file the divorce in the county in which the husband lives.

Waiting Periods for a Divorce

Uncontested divorces require a sixty-day waiting period. This is the standard requirement which includes the initial thirty-day waiting period for the defendant to answer the petition. A contested divorce in which fault is assigned requires that both parties attend a hearing in which they address the judge and provide details and evidence of the fault. The judge renders a decision based on the facts. The divorce is finalized upon the conclusion of the hearing.

Decisions About Property Division

Judgments associated with property division relate to contributions made by both spouses. If one spouse contributed more into the purchase of a given property, it is probable that the judge will award the property to him or her during a trial. In cases where the couple is unable to come into an agreement, the judge may require the sale of the property if it is not a primary residence. All proceeds are divided evenly.

Any properties that were owned by a particular spouse prior to the marriage is considered separate property. If the owner can produce evidence that shows prior ownership, he or she can present a more compelling argument to the judge. At any time that a prenuptial agreement applies to property division it is upheld in court. Any party that wishes to contest these agreements may do so through Divorce Attorneys in Biloxi MS. To know more Visit Website.

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