Pests in the House? Boca Raton Professinal Exterminators can Remove Them

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

It can be amusing for people to sit in their breakfast nook and watch squirrels dart back and for across the lawn. However, it’s not amusing when a person hears animals in their attic. These animals can cause a great deal of damage and their waste can bring disease. Once the animals have moved inside it’s time to call Boca Raton Professional Exterminators. In addition to squirrels, they can safely and effectively remove skunks, raccoons, bats, and rats. These animals may also be infected with rabies, so it’s best to let a professional trap and remove them.

Once the animal has been trapped, there are strict laws governing where they can be released. Bates Exterminating professionals know how to safely and humanely treat the animals as they are transferred to the proper areas. The rooms inside the house where the animals were living need to be sanitized as well. Homeowners should not do this themselves, because they don’t have the proper protective gear and masks. Inhaling rodent waste could lead to serious lung infections. Exterminators have a trained eye to determine how the animals were able to enter the house. Bats in particular can find a very small hole to use as an entry.

If homeowners hear a buzzing in their wall, they should not hesitate to call Boca Raton Professional Exterminators. There’s a good chance that bees have established a hive in their walls. The honey that they make can drip into the electrical wiring and damage it. Its sweet taste and scent can also attract rodents who like to gnaw through the wiring. Many people are tempted to buy a spray can of insecticide and spray it into the hive. These don’t act fast enough and the person could be badly stung.

When the exterminator arrives he will have to determine if the hive consists of honey bees or killer Africanized bees. Friendly honey bees are an asset to the environment and will be transferred to a safe location. Often people who own bee hives will arrive to take them to a new home. However, Africanized bees are dangerous and need to be euthanized. Once the bees are gone, the area will need to be cleaned so the honey doesn’t continue to attract pests. Connect with us on twitter!!

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