Why Your Company Needs Managed WAN Optimization

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Internet and Technology

If your company has more than one location and relies on a wide area network configuration for enabling faster communication between locations, going without an optimization service could be costing you. The simple truth is managed WAN optimization enables companies with multiple locations to work smarter together for the benefit of employees, clients and the bottom line.

What is WAN?

If your company has multiple sites, a WAN, or wide area network, is a private configuration that easily allows computers to talk to each other more directly. While the Internet in and of itself technically does this, a WAN is a private configuration that can allow employees spread apart by miles and miles to easily work in the same programs, access the same network files and so on with seamless connectivity and redundancy that can keep connections operational even if there’s an outage with one connection in the network.

Why Managed WAN Optimization Matters

  • Enhanced connection speed – By using link bonding technology, managed WAN optimization enables companies with multiple locations to speed up cloud-based applications and connectivity between offices. This is essential for getting day-to-day business handled in a timely, effective manner. Efficiency rates can be increased by more than 50 percent in many cases.
  • Increased productivity – Since connectivity is higher, it’s easier for employees to do more tasks in less time. This, of course, has a direct and positive impact on the bottom line.

How to Get It

Managed WAN optimization is one of many services offered by companies that provide overall WAN management. This complete package can be especially helpful to companies that depend on their network connectivity in day to day operations. Not only do reputable companies offer optimization, but they can deliver security, redundancy, global management, monitoring and more. All of these services combine to create a solid, safe WAN connection for multiple locations that doesn’t suffer from downtime courtesy of the redundancies that kick in when an outage occurs.

When companies rely on a network that spans miles to keep offices connected, it doesn’t make sense to go without managed WAN optimization. By providing a safe, secure and speedy interoffice connection, management services deliver the peace of mind and stability that client businesses require to bolster their own bottom lines and ensure their own customer satisfaction.

Managed WAN optimization is just one of the many benefits of going with a management company that’s on the cutting edge.

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