Why You Need a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firm

After you leave your local Charles Town, West Virginia bar where you have had a couple of drinks with your coworkers before heading home, you notice a police officer following you as you drive away. You do not believe you are drunk since you only had two drinks and that was an hour ago, so you have no worries. Suddenly you see those dreaded flashing lights in your rear view mirror and you are panicked. You pull over and hope nothing comes of it. The next thing you know you are being read your rights and carted off to jail to be processed. Now you need a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV before your hearing. How can an attorney help?

Managing Your Case

If this is your first offense you will probably be sent home after you make bail. Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV to manage the aspects of your case allows you to go about your life as usual. You need to work and take care of things at home which would be adversely affected if you do not hire a lawyer to file papers, find out the status of your case, and set up meetings on your behalf.

Keeping You Informed

A DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV will help keep you informed about your case and let you know the possible outcome of the case. You may get probation, perform community service, or you may have to serve jail time depending on the circumstances of the case. The goal of hiring a lawyer is to help you avoid serious consequences or reduce your sentence whether you are innocent or guilty. Be honest with your attorney and do what he or she tells you at all times.

The most important role of your DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV is to represent you and protect your rights. Ideally, if you were unlawfully charged or there is some technicality, your lawyer will be able to get the charges dropped. Each case is different which is why you need to hire a quality West Virginia DUI Lawyer. the Wagner Law Firm offers quality legal representation for DWI cases.

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