Assess Business Growth: When the Cheapest Web Hosting May Be a Great Choice

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Computers

Web hosting has such a wide range in quality. People can jump aboard on the fee bandwagon options, and not pay a single cent for their web hosting. This will undoubtedly earn the ‘buyer’ a bottom barrel quality. If ten people were to visit the website at a single time, it would certainly stall. This is no option for a legitimate rising business. This is why larger entities are backed by the most expensive and impressive web hosting available in the industry. 2 Terabyte storage capacities against dedicated premium hosting for 200 various domains and alternatives are all available. It is quite a gulf, and there is room for everyone. But there is also a need to understand what the business requires, and what the expected growth is. It may be a smart decision to go for free hosting if the website is simply an experiment or a testing of the waters. But if any longevity is expected, this is not a viable option.

The cheapest web hosting is fundamentally flawed, but there is cheap web hosting that has perks. Web hosting can be found under $100 a month, and it has some serious might to it. 50 GB disk space in a Linux system is a rather fine little set-up that should last a decent business a long time. Many businesses opt for the 140 GB capacity, which may be a bit much for smaller firms still finding their footing.

Another important aspect to consider is the bandwidth capacity. This is the amount of content being transmitted and the speed of that transmission. Bandwidth is often capped in a shared network. This means that no single source can overwhelm the entirety of the network. This could be troubling for a website that is offering a huge promotion and obtaining many online orders. The website may freeze and cause issues.

One may remember that the infamous Healthcare.Gov website ran into immeasurable problems for months after launch. Crashes, freezes, and lags were common. Perhaps they needed to update their server quality.

Online entities place a lot of stake in quality web hosting. And though the cheapest web hosting may save in the long term, it is wise to look at the bigger picture.

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