Why Those Facing Financial Trouble Should Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tupelo, MS

November, 2013 by

Most people will face tough financial times at some point in their lives, and for some people, financial worries often come to stay. A job loss, injury, or some other circumstance that results in financial hardship can cause bills, late fees, and angry letters from collectors to pile up. In these cases, people find it impossible to manage their expenses, bills spiral out of control, and bill collectors’ constant phone calls start to become a daily experience. However, a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tupelo, MS can advise people about whether or not bankruptcy is the best choice for them. When people hire a lawyer like this, there are several things they will learn about declaring bankruptcy.

People who consider bankruptcy as their only way out of massive debt should contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tupelo, MS. so that they understand how it will affect their future. While bankruptcy is a solution for many people who owe more than they can pay, it can also have a number of negative impacts. People who are considering any type of bankruptcy should keep in mind that they will probably not be able to get a bank loan in the future to make any major purchases, such as a vehicle or major appliance, or to improve their homes.

When people contact the Mayfield Law Firm online at www.mayfieldlawfirm.com, they can talk to a lawyer who will advise them about how bankruptcy will affect them and whether they should declare Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. While declaring Chapter 13 will allow people to keep most of their property, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cause all of their assets to be liquidated and sold off to pay their debts. This decision should not be made without the help and advice of a qualified lawyer from this office, as making the wrong choice could seriously impact the well-being of an entire household. Learning the difference between the two types of bankruptcy, as well as getting sound advice from a bankruptcy professional, can mean the difference between a fresh start and remaining in debt with no way out.


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