Why It’s Best To Hire A DUI Lawyer in Berks

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or driving under the influence, you will need a DUI Lawyer in Berks to handle your case. With all the DUI laws and changes in the law, not to mention, the different laws based on the different jurisdictions, a DUI Lawyer in Berks is a necessity to keep you out of jail or to get your charges reduced. A lawyer is knowledgeable and experienced in handling DUI laws and cases. Most people are not and need the legal assistance of a reliable and reputable lawyer like one from the Law Offices of Sodomsky & Nigrini.

Most states are pretty strict when it comes DUI charges and will throw the books at anyone who finds themselves facing charges. Depending on the circumstances, the charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony charge. And depending on the circumstances and your criminal record, the punishment can range from a fine to imprisonment. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the right DUI attorney.

A DUI conviction comes with other problems too. It will mean the loss of your driver’s license, usually in the form of suspension, difficulty getting auto insurance or finding good insurance, and even job loss. A DUI lawyer will be able to argue your case in court, get you out of jail by paying your bond, and hopefully reduce charges. A DUI attorney is either a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense attorney that specializes in DUI cases. There are attorneys who can handle your case that may not be specialized in DUI but you should hire one that specializes in DUI cases just to increase your chances of a better outcome.

Most DUI cases are tried in criminal courts. If you don’t accept a plea, the case may go to trial to be tried by a judge or jury. Depending on the circumstances, your best choice may be to choose a plea deal. Most judges and juries don’t look favorable upon someone charged with DUI. And choosing to take your case to trial may result in longer and more harsh sentences. Your DUI attorney will inform you of the best decision to make based on the charges, the circumstances, the evidence, and the punishment involved. It’s best to let your attorney handle the case, your chances will be more favorable.

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