Why industries Choose Carbide Grinding

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

Carbide is a material; toolmakers employ in manufacturing their products. Tungsten carbide is a particular favorite since it produces tough, durable equipment. Its high hardness presents a challenge to many standard grinders. This is why not only is a carbide grinding company finds itself in demand from many industries, but it is also a skill for those who specialize in this non-ferrous material.

Industries Requesting Carbide Tungsten

Many companies request the use of tungsten carbide in their products. They realize its ability to provide protection under stressful circumstances and challenging elemental forces. As a result, it is a component in various manufactured parts for several industries including

  • Producers of flow control products: The material is particularly effective in producing tight tolerances and durable, tough items such as seals, valves, pumps and fittings
  • Petrochemical industries: Products require tungsten to ensure the smooth flow and conveyance of oil and gas in the systems
  • Toolmakers: Tungsten carbide makes excellent tools of different types including grinders, lathes, sharpeners, surfacers, reamers, punchers and other cutters

However, no matter what the industry, an experienced carbide grinding company is the only means of providing the proper finish to these products.

Why Choose Carbide Grinding?

Tungsten carbide as a tool and a component does endow several advantages over other materials. As noted above, this material has the following qualities:

  • Excellent wear and high-temperature resistance
  • High hot hardness
  • Better quality and smoother finishes
  • Better-quality predictability and easier to process than steel

Overall, tungsten carbide as a tool and as a product provides companies with benefits not as readily available with other metals.

Carbide Grinding Company

Carbide is a non-ferrous metal requested as inserts or as a component in products by many industries. Those who require durable tools also opt for tungsten carbide. However, due to the nature of the metal, a professional and reliable carbide grinding company only employs the most qualified and skilled machinists to ensure high-quality results.

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