When to Consider Basement Repair in West Chester PA

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Knowing when to seek basement repair in West Chester, PA can be a little bit confusing. After all, sometimes you might have a serious problem like moisture in the basement but you can’t actually see an entry point. You might believe there is no point in calling contractors for help. In actuality, it is important to call in the expert contractors in any situation where you have developing basement issues or basement damage. This article is going to go over some of the more common basement problems, and talk about how repair persons might be able to help.

Cracks in the Basement

If you have cracks in the basement, whether they are hairline cracks or rapidly growing mini caverns, you need to call for basement repair in West Chester PA. A crack is almost always a sign of trouble that began somewhere else. Typically, the issue begins in the foundation of the home. Sometimes, foundations begin to shift, or maybe even begin to sink. This will reveal itself in numerous ways, from sticking doors and windows to cracks in the basement and the walls. Your basement repair contractor will typically begin basement repair by correcting the problem with the foundation first. Foundation repair may involve strengthening the entire foundation or lifting it up. Cracks can be filled using a strong sealant. The basement repair contractor will often add a waterproofing formula to help guard against damage in the future.

Water in the Basement

Water can collect in the basement in several ways. One common problem is standing water. This might be left behind after a major leak or flood, or it might be something that collected gradually. The standing water must always be completely removed prior to any repairs. If a crack or leak is the reason for the water, it will be repaired. If a one time leak or flood was the reason, the source will be double checked to ensure that this won’t happen again. Often, the contractor will recommend waterproofing to minimize any similar problems in the future.

Dampness in the Basement

Dampness in the basement can be a frustrating issue since it can be hard to find the source. A damp basement can be a toxic environment since mold may grow in the moisture. The basement repair contractor will find the reason for the dampness and resolve the issue, then add a waterproofing layer to all affected areas.

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