When Quality Counts Choose Custom Woven Lanyards

June, 2014 by

For those times when you really want to focus on quality and presentation it is hard to beat the look of traditional custom woven lanyards. These are the gold standard of lanyards that will show your guests, customers, attendees and employees that you really value them in all the details.

The Look

The appearance of woven lanyards is very distinct. They have a textured feel to them that is slightly pronounced over the area that is “woven”. In addition the slightly raised elements add more eye catching dimensions to the lanyard but it is subtle and classic.

As with any type of lanyard the custom woven lanyards are made of a polyester material. This means that they are durable, strong and long lasting and offer the best resistance to fading even when exposed to sunlight or weather.

The Options

You can select from a range of different widths for custom woven lanyards from a half an inch to a full inch. They are available in many standard colors including the very traditional white, black and gray to several shades of blue, green, pink and reds. There are bright and vibrant colors and more subdued colors that are great for displaying a contrasting color with text or with a logo.

Customizing Ideas

There really are unlimited options and possibilities with woven lanyards. You can choose to place your logo, company, organization or event name, your company website or even your brands and products all on the lanyard. You are really only restricted by the amount of space available. There are companies that provide multi-color options for the designs, really making a great presentation and a way to promote your product, service or goods.

The price of custom woven lanyards is also surprisingly low. These high quality lanyards make a great addition to any event you may be planning. You can, with top qualities, actually upload your design right through their ordering system and see it before you order your lanyards, ensuring you get just the design, colors and overall look that you want.

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