What You Should Know When Charged With A DUI In Orange County

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you acquire a DUI in Orange County, you are required to attend both a hearing with the DMV and a court hearing for this charge. According to DUI laws in this area, you must report your DUI charge to the Department of Motor Vehicles within the first ten days after your arrest. It is necessary for you to schedule an APS hearing with the DMV or your driver’s license is suspended within thirty days of your arrest. Your court appearance is scheduled by the Orange County Criminal Court. To discuss your case with a local DUI Attorney, contact the Law Office of Christopher J. McCann immediately.

What You Should Know

In most DUI cases, you are not required to post bail. However, when your charge is related to an accident in which injuries were sustained it is probable that the court will charge you with a felony DUI. These higher charges do require that you post bail for release from jail. Regardless of when you are released you are required to contact the DMV for an APS hearing to determine whether this agency wishes to suspend your driving license.

Local Attorney

Christopher J. McCann provides you with effective legal representation for your criminal case. He assists you with criminal defense services which allow you to state your side of the story to the judge. This attorney is familiar with the requirements of a DUI charge in Orange County and will guide you through this process. If you were charged with a felony DUI this attorney can assist you in posting bail for your release. To hire this attorney for your criminal DUI case, contact his law office at the number listed on his website at Cjmdefense.com.


With a DUI in Orange County charge, there are several requirements that you must fulfill. You are required to attend a APS hearing that is scheduled through the DMV which requires you to make this request within ten days. The county court will schedule your criminal hearing for you and notify you of the date and time. Regardless of the number of DUI charges you have on your record, you are required to fulfill all of these requirements else your license is suspended. A DUI attorney helps you through this process and provides effective legal defense. To acquire an attorney for your criminal DUI case, contact the Law Office of Christopher J. McCann.

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