What You Should Know Before Going to Auto Tire Dealers in Kentucky

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Aside from making timely car repairs and keeping up with maintenance schedules, it is also important to care for the tires. The tires are essential to the car as they are the reason the car can move around. Tires bear a lot of weight, and also take on a lot of daily damage as you drive across various terrain types. Making sure that you have four fully functional tires on your vehicle at all times is imperative to prevent an accident. So before you head off to the nearest Auto Tire Dealers in Kentucky, you might benefit from knowing a bit about what to expect and which tires are best for you.

Consider Manufacturer Tire Specifications

Whether you’ve purchased your car new or used, you should make check your driver’s manual for tire specifications on the vehicle. Even if the tires on your vehicle appear to be the right ones, they could be the wrong size. You should take note of the recommended size and load recommendations so that you can take this with you to the tire dealer. Having the right size is essential for driving speed and shifting gears timely. Last, but not least, always make sure that you’re working with reputable Auto Tire Dealers in Kentucky such as Ben Tire Distributors. They will provide you with high quality tires all backed by warranty to keep you safe on the road.

Always Buy in Pairs

Depending on the type of vehicle you have and the size tires you need, the price of purchasing two or more tires might seem scary. However, car experts recommend that you purchase your tires in pairs. Buying one new tire and having three used ones will result in transmission problems to the axle, placing a lot of strain on it. When the axle breaks, it can be very expensive to repair. For this reason, it is best to at least purchase two tires at a time on the same axel to decrease chances of damage.

Don’t Focus Solely on Cost

Sure you can’t go out and purchase four tires that you can’t afford, but price should not be your main concern when it comes to being safe on the road. A common mistake that tire buyers make is only worrying about costs. Other factors that should be considered when purchasing tires might include traction, tread wear, comfort, and noise to name a few.


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