Gold Buyer in Edmond: How to Inspect Gold for Authenticity

July, 2014 by Alma Abell

The thought of owning something golden is just amazing. If you just bought that golden necklace or bracelet that you have been eying for long, there are several ways of determining if the seller sold you a fake or the real one. You can get help from Gold Buyer in Edmond or try out the following methods at home just for re-assurance that you did not get swindled.

Visual inspection

There are particular signs that show you have real gold. By using a magnifying glass, look closely at the said gold and see if you will notice initials. The initials might indicate the level of fineness like (1-999) or the number of karats like 10k. If your item is old, the initials might not be visible but do not worry as there are other methods of determining if the gold is real. If the gold also appears to fade at some parts, then you might be dealing with a fake.


If you bite a piece of gold, you should be able to notice dents from your teeth. If the dents are deeper it means that the gold is more pure. However, this is not a sure way as other metals like lead which are softer than gold might be used to imitate the gold.

Nitric acid test

While using this method, you are urged to be careful as the acid is not safe for use at home. A jeweler will most likely be the best option to do this test for you as he will keep in mind the necessary safety precautions. Pour some drops of the acid on the gold and wait for the reaction. If you get a golden reaction, it indicates that your item is gold plated brass. A green reaction might state that you are dealing with gold plated or base metal. If there is no reaction at all, smile because what you have might be pure gold.

You should not just buy it because it is gold; buy it because you are sure it is gold. Buying genuine gold makes it easier even when you might be interested in selling it to a gold buyer in Edmond.

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