What You Need To Know About Dentures In Toronto

September, 2014 by Alma Abell

A person who is missing teeth may experience a variety of problems. For instance, depending on which teeth are missing, the individual would have difficulties while speaking. Also, eating or chewing certain foods can be a huge problem. If you are missing teeth, you should visit a dentist who can install dentures in Wichita Kansas.


Different types of dentures

Complete dentures are made of colored plastic base which, when installed, become a replica of the gum tissue. The plastic base supports teeth made out of porcelain or plastic. Dentures are a perfect solution for people who have experienced tooth loss.

Partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth. They are made out of a metal framework or a plastic base that holds together the specific number of teeth that are missing. Clasps and rests are carefully placed in the mouth to attach the partial dentures to the natural teeth. These dentures have originally been used as temporary fixes for missing teeth. However, with the use of new materials like Valplast, plastic dentures have become durable alternatives. To know more visit Dentalcorner.net.

The process of making dentures

If teeth are extracted from the mouth, the space fills up with gum tissue and bone, and completely heals in a few months. Once the sockets are healed, dentures are made to replace the missing teeth. The process of making dentures takes around 8-12 weeks.

The dentist starts by making molds or impressions of the oral tissues that should support the dentures. These impressions are used to make replica models of the mouth of a patient. The dentures are built from these impressions and regularly fitted at each stage to make sure they fit. The patient should visit the dentist at least once a week within a span of five weeks, until the dentures are complete. An occasional visit to the dentist is also recommended for any adjustments when needed. As a temporary measure, you can choose to wear temporary dentures the same day that your teeth are extracted until permanent ones are constructed.

You can wear dentures throughout the day, but they should be taken out at night. This gives the oral tissues some time to relax. However, it is imperative to wear dentures full time for the first few weeks to identify any necessary adjustments. For more information on Dentures Toronto, visit this website dentalcorner.net

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