Cool Your Home Efficiently Using A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA

September, 2014 by Alma Abell

There are a great many things that the homeowner has to worry about and their home air conditioning system shouldn’t be one of them. You can reduce these concerns by consulting an expert in A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA whenever you begin to notice the system acting up. Some important signs to look for include excess or unusual noises coming from either the interior cabinet or the external condenser, excess moisture leaking from the evaporator coil or tray and any possible loss in cooling ability. Some of these problems may be the signs of a dirty system, but they could also be indications that the unit needs to be serviced.

One of the most common reasons for using A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA is a failing condenser system. The condenser is the external unit that compresses the refrigerant. This is important because the compression causes a state change in the coolant which allows it to collect warmth from the home. The most common cause of condenser problems is due to age which can cause leaking condenser valves. Another possible problem is low refrigerant which reduces the overall efficiency of the condensing unit.

Perhaps the best reason for hiring A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA is the annual maintenance that any system needs. Routine maintenance is crucial for quality cooling at the lowest energy consumption. Most A/C manufacturers suggest having your appliance serviced at least once each year to ensure the unit is properly cleaned and the refrigerant is properly charged. As part of the service your technician should clean the evaporator coil at least once every three to four years. This cleaning will remove the gunk that builds up in areas where you can’t easily clean.

You may also find it important to contact an expert in A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA to replace your thermostat. This is especially important for older A/C systems that use a manual control. These controls can use contact points that get dirty and fail to switch the system on or off properly. If you have an electronic control you may have problems with failing circuits which could cause the system to operate erratically and require the control to be replaced.

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