What To Look For In Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Jewelry

While there are people that want to go into a store and pick out a diamond ring set that is on display, there are just as many people that want to great their own wedding rings. Choosing between designer diamond engagement rings and custom rings is really a personal choice and one that may not be as simple as you first thought.

People often assume that designer diamond engagement rings are very costly when compared to the sets on display. In fact, customizing or designing your own ring may not be a costly process at all. This is especially true if the jeweler that you are working with is already producing his or her own designer diamond engagement rings.

The Benefits

If you opt for a designer diamond engagement ring your ring can be uniquely created to be one of a kind. In addition, many jewelers have their own particular style that makes the ring immediately recognizable as a designer ring. This is true for both pre-made wedding sets as well as for customized options.

You can often work within your budget to actually get more ring for your money when you choose a designer diamond engagement ring. This is because you can precisely select the loose gems and diamonds that you want to use in the ring. Since the loose diamond or gem is usually the most expensive part of the piece, you can control cost by making the customized selection that best fits your budget.

Being Creative

If you want a dazzling ring but can’t afford a huge round diamond solitaire, you may want to consider different cuts of diamonds or combining diamonds with other gems. A larger center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds is a popular option for designer diamond engagement rings. You can choose a stone that is a favorite color to be the larger center gem and surround it with smaller diamonds.

Using semi-precious or precious gems other than diamonds is more and more popular in designer diamond engagement rings. Beautiful options include sapphires, rubies and emeralds as well as tourmaline, garnet and spinel. The pearl has traditionally been used in an engagement rings and looks amazing with diamonds in an antique or classic type of setting.

Choosing designer diamond engagement rings gives you options that are simply not available with the standard wedding and engagement ring sets. It is well worth looking at options and talking to your jeweler to see what options you have based on your preferences in gems and styles and your budget.

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