What Does An Attorney Do?

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

An attorney is a skilled professional who is licensed to practice law in a specific geographical area. There are many areas in law and in most cases a lawyer will tend to service clients with a specific need rather than attempt to offer legal assistance to everyone for everything. There are considerable differences within the law and those who practice personal injury law for example are involved in totally different areas of litigation than a lawyer who serves the real estate industry. Regardless though of what facet of law they practice, there are certain commonalities that define an attorney in Rockford, IL. Following are a number of actions that all attorneys use when practicing law.

All attorneys act as the advocate of their clients. This includes providing legal advice and counsel that serves the immediate interest of the client. The attorney presents the issues surrounding the case to the legal system in such a way that the client gets the best resolution under the existing law. These dual demands placed on the attorney in Rockford, IL are best obtained when the client offers full disclosure which allows the attorney to use his in-depth knowledge of the law when advocating on behalf of the client. It is when the attorney couples intimate knowledge of the law with intimate knowledge of the circumstances of the case, that chance for justice to prevail is enhanced.

Although any attorney upon graduation from law school can advocate for any client, there is an expectation that the attorney will excel in a particular area of law. With attorneys known for specific advocacies it makes it easy for clients to hire the right attorney for the situation. An individual who seeks a divorce will not hire an attorney who is known for defending those accused of a crime for example.

It is not just the law per se that people rely on attorneys for. In many cases an attorney is asked to draw up and individuals last will and testament, create a power of attorney or assist in setting up a trust fund for a family member such as a child or grandchild. The attorney can be asked to assist in drafting contracts used in business, employment contracts as well as rental contracts.

To sum up, an attorney in Rockford, IL makes sure that all transactions are conducted in accordance with law and insures that the best interests of the client are looked after.

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