Process of Dental Fillings Wichita KS

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

No one wants to hear when visiting the dentist that dental fillings in Wichita KS are required for the patient. This is often the case and fillings are needed to avoid further damage to the tooth. It is important to understand the methods required to fill the tooth.

The Direct Restoration

When getting a filling done to a tooth, this is also referred to as the direct restoration. There are requirements which must be met to receive this type of filling. This will involve the amount of decay in the tooth.

The decayed tooth must fit into a certain classification to achieve a direct filling. The dentist will assign a numerical value to the tooth between one and six. This will allow for the completion of a direct filling. It is important to discuss with the dentist the recommended type of material to use.

How the Tooth is Filled

The dentist will begin by numbing the area surrounding the tooth with anesthesia. This will make the gum and tooth numb for the completion of the filling. This will assist in avoiding the patient from feeling any pain when the tooth is being filled.

Once the area is completely numb, the dentist will drill out the decay and clean the area surrounding the tooth. The tooth will then be filled with a material recommended by the dentist.

Type of dental fillings in Wichita KS

The material used to fill the tooth may either be gold, silver amalgam or a composite resin material. These are commonly used to fill the tooth. It is possible the patient may decide on the dental material that is used, but this is ultimately the decision of the dentist.

Many patients prefer the porcelain fillings because this match the tooth enamel, but in some cases my not be the best selection. This will often involve the tooth and the location of the tooth, as well.

The durability and strength of gold fillings often are the reason the dentist will select this type of filling material.

Finally, be certain to address any questions or concerns regarding a dental filling with the dentist you choose.

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