What Constitutes Felony Domestic Violence?

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

What Constitutes Felony Domestic Violence?

A charge of felony domestic violence is a criminal charge; it results from an individual acting in a violent manner towards his family members or other people who live in the same home. The violence can be both actual and threatened physical harm. The laws that pertain to felony domestic violence vary a little between jurisdictions but it is also universally seen as the most serious type of domestic violence. When a person is charged with this offense and found guilty the perpetrator will certainly be facing serious penalties which can include jail time.

There are two basic charges that can be brought against a person who has been accused of domestic violence; one is a felony as discussed, the other is a misdemeanor. Regardless of the charge, the individual charged will be arrested and booked with one or the other. As people in the US are considered by law to be innocent until proven guilty, once the arraignment has taken place the judge will normally set bail as well as other conditions which will free the accused until the trial date. The amount of bail set for domestic violence in Reno, NV will vary, if the charge is considered a felony the bail amount will normally be considerably more than if the charge is a misdemeanor.

There are a number of issues which must be addressed in determining the severity of the crime. In many jurisdictions the extent of the injuries, if any, are often used. If the victim has sustained only minor injuries the charge may be reduced to a misdemeanor, however, if the injuries were serious and required medical attention the charge will often be elevated to a felony. In many cases the charge is a felony if the victim was a minor or was pregnant. The same holds true if a weapon was used in the assault or disfigures the victim for life.

If the domestic violence in Reno, NV took place while the accused had a restraining order against him, the charge is multiplied. Not only will the accused be charged with domestic violence, he will be charged with violating the order which in itself may prove to be a felony.

In many cases the penalty for domestic violence is a prison sentence, fines and the loss of certain rights such as the right to own a weapon.

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