What constitutes an Energy Efficient Window?

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

An energy efficient window in Honolulu, HI has a couple of great features; it keeps the interior of the home comfortable and it helps save a considerable amount of money with the energy bill. The primary purpose of energy efficient windows is to keep the air in the home, to stop it from leaking to the outside. This can be done in a few different ways; the window can have multiple panes of glass or the casement and glazing can be different. Over the years, window technology has come a long way.

Most energy efficient windows use more than a single glass pane. The multiple panes, at least two and in many cases three, keep both heat and cool air in as the construction of the window is effective in eliminating heat transfer from one side of the glass to the other.

Although triple glazed windows are becoming more popular there is some debate on whether the additional benefit is worth the additional cost. Certainly a triple glazed window is more efficient than a double glazed window but the gain is much smaller when you consider single pane to double pane. Although the volume of triple pane sales are increasing, many buyers suggest their reason to make the additional investment is their noise dampening quality, they filter noise more effectively than a double pane window.

It is not just adding more panes of glass that makes the window energy efficient; a gas is added between the panes which provide additional insulation. Although air is a good insulator, argon and krypton, two gases which are in popular use for multi-panes windows are considered more suitable for the job.

The window in Honolulu, HI can also be coated with a low-emission coating. These various coatings help retain either heat or cool air by reflecting infrared rays from the sun. As well as reflecting infrared rays, they protect against ultraviolet rays entering through the panes, this helps considerably to reduce furniture damage such as fading and cracking.

The same is true with the material that is used to make the frame. Aluminum is not a good material for energy-efficiency due to the ease of heat transfer but modern windows take advantage of vinyl or fiberglass frames which are excellent for this purpose.

An energy efficient window replacement can save a considerable amount of money as time goes by in Honolulu, HI.

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