What Can You Expect From Your Child’s Tooth Extraction at the Children’s Dentist in Kinnelon NJ?

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

There are many reasons your child’s dentist may make the decision he or she needs to perform a tooth extraction on your child. One of the most common reasons is when your child’s baby tooth is not falling out as it should and the adult tooth is not able to come in properly. Extracting the baby tooth allows the adult tooth to come in naturally and helps to prevent damage. As with any dental or medical procedure your child goes through, knowing what to expect can allow you to help your child to feel at ease. This information will assist you in knowing how the childrens dentist in Kinnelon NJ will pull your child’s tooth.

What Happens When Your Child’s Tooth Needs Pulling?

To start the process, the Children’s Dentist in Kinnelon will most likely give your child some laughing gas. This will make him or her a little sleepy and less apprehensive about the procedure. It will also make the extraction safer, because your child will be less likely to be moving about. Once your child has had the laughing gas, he or she will receive some injections of Novocaine around the tooth needing to be pulled. This will ensure there is no pain or discomfort felt while the dentist extracts the tooth. The Novocaine will also help with your child’s pain reduction for a couple of hours after the procedure.

For most pediatric extractions, there is no need for incisions of any kind. The dentist will use special tools to extract the tooth and then will work to ensure the socket is clean of any tooth debris, so a clot can form. This clot will protect the socket, allowing the adult tooth to come through as it should. Your child will need to avoid using a straw during this healing process, so the clot does not become dislodged and his or her new tooth can come through.

If your child is need of a tooth extraction, the dentist can take care of it and any dental issues your child is facing. For more information, visit waynepdc.com and schedule an appointment for your child today. They can offer you all of the dental services needed, to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy.




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