How a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Nassau County Helps You Keep Your Home

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Going into foreclosure makes you feel like you have lost control of the situation, and that it’s inevitable that you’ll lose your home. It’s not a situation you ever saw yourself in, but now here you are. Chances are good that you feel alone, that no one will talk to you, or that there is anyone to talk to, and your home is a lost cause. The truth of the matter is, you have options, ones that help you keep your home, or allow you to retain control of its ultimate fate. But you need to get help from a foreclosure defense attorney in Nassau County, NY, first.

There are solid reasons why you should talk to an attorney for help. The attorney has seen people in your exact situation before and knows how to help you with your home. But you need to get to the attorney as soon as you know you are going to be in trouble. The sooner you act gives you more options with which to save your home.

Getting legal help when you start missing payments means you take legal action before the bank does. Sending an attorney in to talk to the bank sends a strong signal that you are not going to let the bank walk all over you anymore. The bank knows that a lawyer can take you into bankruptcy, making it more difficult for the bank to get its money. As a result, the bank will at least open up talks and potentially negotiations to alter your mortgage so you can afford it. This avoids going to court for both sides, resulting in a desired outcome.

In the event that you’ve waited to do something, a foreclosure defense attorney in Nassau County, NY, can still find a way to help you with your home. As long as the bank has not filed court papers for foreclosure, you can file for bankruptcy and force the bank to renegotiate the mortgage.

Time is of the essence in a foreclosure. Contact Jeff H. Morgenstern at your earliest opportunity to discuss creating a defense to help you keep your home.


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