Wellness Services Offered By Your Veterinarian In Ossining, NY

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Veterinarians

The local Veterinarian in Ossining, NY offers several beneficial services for your pets. Your pet will receive routine checkups, screenings for diseases and common conditions that affect small animals, and much more. Veterinarians who work within animal hospitals and clinics provide these services for all breeds of small animals including exotic pets. You can acquire these services by scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian at any time.

Wellness Services for Your Pets

At any time that your pet becomes sick, it is urgent that you seek medical assistance. Veterinarians perform evaluations daily to ensure the health of domesticated pets and small animal breeds. These evaluations may include testing and x-ray services to determine whether the condition requires advance treatments or surgery to correct them.

Most veterinarians evaluate the oral care of your pets to ensure that they do not possess any cavities or other harmful conditions that may hinder their ability to consume adequate amounts of food daily. Some services performed by vets through animal hospitals and clinics such as dental cleanings and treatments ensure that your pet’s teeth are developing correctly. If your pet needs these services you should schedule an appointment immediately.

Local Veterinarian

Croton Animal Hospital offers a multitude of health services for small animal breeds. These services include surgery, emergency care, and health screenings. These hospitals evaluate the health of small animal breeds and perform services to ensure that they remain healthy throughout their lives. If you would like to learn more about this hospital and its services, Visit www.crotonanimalhospital.com today.


Your preferred Veterinarian in Ossining, NY will perform services that ensure the overall well-being of your pets. These services include surgery when necessary, medications, and evaluations based on the age, growth, and development of your pet. They offer vaccinations for your animals to ensure that they do not contract common diseases such as worms and other harmful infestations. Your preferred veterinarian will perform dental services to ensure that your pet’s teeth stay healthy and do not present any hindrances for them. To learn more about veterinary care, you may consult your vet or visit the website for his or her respective clinic.


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