Water Purification in Macon, GA are the Sources for Information on Water Purification

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Water filtration and water purification systems are not the same water treatment systems. Water filtration systems will filter out harmful minerals and other solids which are not good for your health. However, the science of water purification has advanced in recent years as an effective method of purifying drinking water. Water Purification in Macon GA can help you understand the quality of your water.

Water filtration systems do not filter out the same harmful chemicals, minerals, and sediments. However a water purification system will catch all of these, and it will reduce bacteria and viruses. Water Purification in Macon, GA is the source to contact if you use well water, because you cannot be sure what bacteria has seeped into the ground water and on into the well water. A well that is located near to a cattle or sheep farm is bound to have harmful contaminants in the water. Municipal water can have just as many harmful contaminants depending on where they get the water and how much effort they put into treating it.

One Water Treatment System uses the water faucet and water pressure to push the water through a Carbon Block Polishing Filter which can remove many very harmful contaminants. Then the polished, filtered water is passed through an Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting Process that will kill Bacteria, Viruses, and many other contaminants including E-coli and many other microorganisms to a purification level of 99.999%.

Water purification systems can be mounted under the sink or on top of the kitchen counter. They are easy to use and there is very little maintenance. The Carbon Block is usually replaced after one year and UV Bulb after about two years. The Sediment Pre-Filter can be washed, and it has a life expectancy of one year depending on how dirty the incoming water is. Water Purification in Macon, GA is a source of information on maintaining purification equipment.

There are several purification systems available, but be sure they are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and their capabilities are stated in writing. Many illnesses can be prevented by using a water purification system.

The source water that carries so many dangerous pollutants includes any surface water (rivers and lakes) or groundwater used as a raw water supply. This water finds its way into the vast interconnected system of underground water paths.Rain always collects in ground watersheds by the pull of gravity.


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