Water Damage and Mold Remediation in Wichita

by | May 7, 2014 | Restoration

Some property owners do not realize that their properties are at risk for mold contamination. Mold can spread quickly throughout a property, and if it is not eradicated in a timely manner, it could be difficult or impossible to eradicate completely. Some properties have had mold contamination that were severe enough to warrant condemning the properties. It does not matter how beautiful a home or building looks on the outside, it can still have mold lurking behind the walls. If you have noticed a peculiar odor inside your property, you may have mold developing. Another hidden place mold can develop is underneath carpeting.

You do not have to have extensive water damage in your property for mold to develop. In many cases, mold develops as a result of a small leak that goes undetected or untreated. Pay attention to the walls and ceilings in your property brown stains that may look like dried coffee or tea are usually signs that a leak is present.

Mold remediation in Wichita experts agree that the best measures against mold growth are inspections and repairs. Since roofing and plumbing are primary contributors to leaks and water damages, it makes sense to ensure that you are getting your property professionally inspected and repaired by contractors in these industries. You should also have inspections completed by fire and water restoration contractors if you become aware that your property has water damage. Keep in mind that sometimes mold develops as a result of improper ventilation. Ventilation issues should be addressed by an HVAC technician.

If you encounter an emergency event on your property that exposes it to water, you should consider ACT Emergency Clean up. These types of damages commonly occur after a fire or plumbing issue. Promptly cleaning up excess water will reduce the chances of mold developing. It will also help to minimize odors. After a fire, properties often have a smoky smell. Professional cleaning will ensure that these odors are neutralized. Your insurance may cover the cost of your clean-up, and the mold remediation in Wichita company can help you file the appropriate paperwork with them. Click here to know more.

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