What Everyone Should Know About Area Rug Cleaning in New York City

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What Everyone Should Know About Area Rug Cleaning in New York City

When you spend money on a new rug, you want it to look as great a month or a year from now as it does on the day you bought it. However, it’s common to hear buyers complain that rugs don’t keep their great looks for very long. Unfortunately, this is usually true. However, it’s not the fault of the rug but rather the person who has not taken the time to learn how properly care for a new rug. Read the following tips on Area Rug Cleaning in New York City, and be sure to faithfully follow them.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming should be done often. Once a week is the minimum number of time to vacuum. If you allow people to wear shoes in your home and have a lot of foot traffic, you will likely have to vacuum more often. Two or three times a week is adequate for those who have a lot of traffic in their homes. Those who have pets will also need to vacuum more often. Even if your rug doesn’t look dirty, vacuum it. The dirt gets embedded deep in the fibers and eventually, it will detract from the look of the rug if you don’t vacuum often.

When you vacuum, do so slowly. The more slowly you vacuum, the more embedded dirt you pull up.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

If you spill something on the rug, clean it up right away. Use a light-colored cloth and blot the stain. Keep blotting until you can’t get any more up. Then use a stain remover made for rugs. Follow the directions to lift the rest of the stain. Never rub the stain, as that just pushes it down into the fibers and makes it more difficult to remove.

Have the Rugs Steam Cleaned, Yearly

Your area rugs should be steam cleaned yearly. Again, don’t assume that the rug looks clean and doesn’t need it. Whether you think it needs a deep steam cleaning or not, have it done.

The above tips will help you keep your area rugs clean and beautiful. Remember to vacuum, clean up spills, and steam clean them, and the rugs will last for many more years. If you need more information on Area Rug Cleaning in New York City, click here.