Visit the Body Shop in Winchester, VA for Collision Repairs

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Automotive

When involved in a car accident, unless the vehicle is a complete write-off, it will need repairs, and these should be done as soon as possible following an accident. It will be necessary to report the accident to the insurance company, who will in turn deal with the insurer that the other party involved in the accident is covered by. The next step is to get an estimate for the cost of repairs to the vehicle. Repairs could be as simple as removing minor dents and scratches to straightening out frames and repainting vehicles. These are repairs that need to be done by professionals who are trained in auto body work in order to get the absolute best results.

An estimate from the Body Shop in Winchester VA is done with a thorough examination of the vehicle. The mechanics will look at all things wrong with the vehicle, even things that are have nothing to do with the accident. They will let the customer know what repairs are necessary due to the accident, and have things itemized so the insurance company will have an exact list of repairs that they need to pay for. Once the estimate has been completed, the vehicle will be taken apart to check for any problems that weren’t visible during the initial inspection. At this point, all necessary parts for the accident repairs will be ordered, as well as any parts for other issues that the customer will pay for themselves.

Body repair will involve many steps in order to make the vehicle look as it did before the accident. Body panels will be repaired or replaced, and when necessary, mechanical parts will be repaired or replaced, including tires and suspension systems. Once all of the repairs have been completed, the vehicle will be painted to match the original color, and it will be ready to go back out on the road. The insurance company will either pay for the repairs directly, or the customer will pay and be reimbursed by their insurer. All work from the body shop in Winchester VA is fully guaranteed, and many repair and auto body services are offered.

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