What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening in Toms River

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Dentist

Having discolored teeth can be quite a blow to your self-esteem. This is because when your teeth have brown or yellowing coloring, smiling and even talking in public becomes really difficult. Some of the things that lead to teeth discoloration include:

Tooth care products and water that has too much fluoride

Poor dental hygiene


Drinking too much coffee

The good news is that it is completely possible to whiten your teeth regardless of the amount of discoloration in it. Below are some of the important things you need to know about teeth whitening in Toms River.

The extent of discoloration

The extent to which your teeth are discolored is what will determine the method that is going to be used. For instance, if your teeth are only slightly yellowing, you may be okay with using bleaching products. However, if your discoloration is deeper and is affecting the dentin, the dentists may try methods such as micro-abrasions. In case all the efforts fail, there is the option of getting veneers to cover the discolored teeth.

The duration of time

The amount of time it will take to whiten your teeth will also depend on how far the discoloration goes. For instance, a little yellowing can be fixed with one visit to the dentist. However, if it is more serious, the dentists will have to take time because doing too much in one visit could lead to excessive tooth sensitivity. Also, when thinking about the timeline, it is important to know that when procedures are done at the dentist’s, you start seeing the results immediately after the first visit.

Taking care of your teeth

The other thing you need to be careful about is the frequency of the whitening procedures. As mentioned, most of the processes involve scouring the enamel. If this is done over a long period of time, your teeth will become really sensitive and vulnerable. It is therefore important to make sure that you take good care of the teeth to avoid too much whitening.

These are the important things you should know about getting an Emergency Dentist to handle teeth whitening in Toms River for you. For more details, visit Lakewoodnjfamilydental.com.


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