Virginia Beach Hot Tub Has Healthy Benefits

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

In the days of old when people wanted to get some relief from their aches and ills, they would go to one of nature’s hot springs such as President Franklin Roosevelt visited in Warm Springs, Georgia. The hot springs there had therapeutic effects for the paraplegic president. In today’s times, technology has allowed for the re-creation of the hot springs in what are called hot tubs. Hot tubs, although widely used for recreational and leisurely purposes, have health benefits associated with them. East Coast Leisure in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area is a Virginia Beach Hot Tub dealer. They offer you ideas on what your hot tub can do for you.

Soaking in a hot tub has many health advantages. As an additional note of interest, the word “spa” is an acronym for salus per aquam, a Latin term which means “health from water.” There are three things your hot tub will do for you in terms of heat, buoyancy and hydrotherapy. Heat absorbed into the body from the hot tub can cause your blood to warm up, dilating your blood vessels and subsequently lowering your blood pressure. Also, the consistent heat of the hot tub will cause your muscles to relax, unlike a bathtub which water cools down rather quickly.

The buoyancy advantage in a hot tub is that 90% of your weight is suspended in the water, taking pressure off your joints and back, giving your aching supporters a little “downtime” if you will. The hydrotherapy of a hot tub can apply jetted streams of water to your body effecting a therapeutic massage for your body. Back pain, arthritis and other physical maladies are relieved with hydrotherapy.

Now that you have seen what a treasured health advantage you have in a hot tub, why don’t you contact East Coast Leisure and let them help you help yourself with one of their hot tubs. They will help transform your backyard into a recreational spa of your own in the Virginia Beach, Newport News and other surrounding Hampton Roads areas. In addition to hot tubs, they also sell swimming pools, patio furniture, fire pits, billiards and other items to make your backyard a dream come true. Contact them locally or at their website, for your Virginia Beach Hot Tub and accessories.


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