Why Above Ground Pools in Pearland Are the Best Option For Many Homeowners

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Swimming Pools and Spas

An above ground pool is a great alternative when installing an in-ground pool will not fit into the household budget. Above Ground Pools in Pearland come in many beautiful designs and sizes and they are as refreshing and fun as any other pool. Installing a pool is a great way to encourage more family time, get low-impact exercise and to make home entertaining more exciting. There are many additional benefits that come with the purchase of an in-ground pool.

  • Installing a simple wooden deck and gated fence around the pool makes it easy to keep young children safely away from the water when it is not in use.
  • The pools are usually shallow enough to be safe for homes with adults that cannot swim.
  • Because it installs securely on the surface of the ground, it is possible to have a pool at homes with rocky yards or soil that is difficult to excavate.
  • It is possible to disassemble and take with the family when moving to a new home. The surrounding deck can also be built to take apart without damage.
  • It can easily be removed from the yard without damage when remodeling, building an addition or changing the landscape.
  • An inexpensive model makes it possible to have an enjoyable backyard pool while saving for a larger, more luxurious design.

Adding a heater makes it possible to use the pool for weeks or months longer than a non-heated pool. A solar blanket is another option. It is an inexpensive purchase and easy to install. It provides an efficient water heating solution that will not add to the utility bills. It may surprise some people that Above Ground Pools in Pearland can hold as much water as many in-ground models. The same chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance, are necessary, and the pool will need to have power for its heater and for circulation. Professional pool care is available and will help with the care of above ground models too. A sales and installation company can answer any other questions a prospective owner may have. Call Cryer Pools & Spas Inc for more information and pricing of available pool packages.

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