A Criminal Lawyer Knows About Gender Differences in Criminal Activity

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A Criminal Lawyer Knows About Gender Differences in Criminal Activity

Researchers look for reasons & why men commit substantially more criminal offenses than women. Men and women also have a tendency to commit different crimes when they do something illegal. These gender differences have probably been noticed by any Criminal Lawyer who provides legal defense services. It’s a curiosity that is somewhat explained by sociological factors, but not entirely.

Relevant Incarceration Statistics

A large majority of inmates in state and federal prisons are men, according to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In fact, the Bureau reports that about 93 percent of federal prisoners are men. Nearly all prisons are gender specific, and nearly all of them are male-only. About four percent of U.S. prisons are women-only.

Types of Crimes

Although a Criminal Lawyer defends both men and women against charges of violent crime, men are much more likely to be violent offenders. That’s why women’s prisons typically are lower-security facilities. Women most commonly are in prison because of drug possession or property crimes like burglary.

In contrast, men are more often incarcerated because they have been convicted of assault, murder, armed robbery, or another violent crime. Another relevant factor is that men are significantly more likely than women to be behind bars for the second or third time. Of all crimes committed in a given year, men are responsible for a substantial majority of offenses.

In comparison with men, the same offenses committed by women tend to result in less harm, which is another reason for their more lenient sentences. A woman is likely to steal smaller amounts of money and goods than a man would. When they do behave violently against another person, as in an assault, they tend to cause less serious injuries.

Court Leniency

A lawyer with a criminal defense law firm such as Addair Thurston Chtd. is aware of another factor, which is that courts tend to be more lenient with female defendants. Women are more likely to be issued a sentence of probation without having to spend time in prison. Research has also found that women who are mothers and who behave respectfully in court are treated more leniently. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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