Tree Chipping in Belllingham, WA by Rawls Tree Service

October, 2013 by

The fires that have devastated the country require that all precautions be taken in disposing of tree limbs and trunks. Burning is not an option. However, the easiest way and the cleanest method of disposing of trees is to use a wood chipper. These are mechanical devices with various sizes of wood grinding instruments built-in. The most popular models are:

* PTO, Gravity Feed Chippers

* PTO, Hydraulic Feed Chippers

* Engine Driven, Gravity Feed Chippers

* Engine Driven Hydraulic Feed Chippers

The chippers can grind trees with diameters of 13″ to 18″ at a rate of up to 65′ per minute. The chips can be hauled away and used for other purposes. Several chipper models have a sensor that recognizes when a log is not going through as fast as it should, and it will adjust the feeder to slow the log down until it can catch up.

Tree Chipping in Bellingham, WA is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of trees that have been destroyed and no longer have a useful life. The chipping process keeps the trees from rotting and posing a hazard to people walking. Homes are free of the tree threatening to fall onto their property.

After a storm has blown down the weak trees or the trees that are diseased, the chipper comes into use. It does not take long for an engine driven hydraulic feed chipper to clean up the property. Removing the chips and small limbs is a great service because the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about this part of the job.

Rawls Tree Service has been working in the timber business for 20 years and they know the rules of every city. They check with the arborist if they are in doubt. Their equipment is the finest in the area, and the size area they cover is a lot size or an acre. A professional is the person you want to see your trees through the Tree Chipping in Bellingham, WA machine that eats trees like paper. Rawls can spot a tree that is diseased and will soon need to come down or it will blow down. These are the trees you want to get out of the yard before they can do some real damage.


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