Top-Notch Elevator Services Can Cover a Number of Areas

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Whether it’s your automobile or your business, maintaining something is always preferable to replacing it or having it repaired. The latter is always the more expensive choice and anticipating is usually better than reacting. Having regular maintenance work and inspections done on your elevator systems is a good way to avoid costly service work done later on, leaving you with cars sitting idle while they’re being worked on while your tenants and their customers are scrambling to find available cars to get to their destinations.

Professional Elevator Services in Washington DC should mean more than just doing a quick inspection to see that all is operational. An elevator system requires comprehensive inspection of the shafts, the cabins, the doors, and all of the actual equipment, whether it’s a hydraulic or a traction lifting system. These regular inspections may, eventually, lead to the discovery of enough wear and degradation that there is a need to upgrade the system. Because of the way elevators operate and their day-to-day use, the cabs and doors usually succumb to age and wear before the motors, pulleys, counter-weights and brakes do, so even though the behind-the-scenes equipment may still be working perfectly, the cabs may still need to be replaced. The good news is that those same highly-skilled technicians who maintain your elevator systems can provide this service, too.

Many older buildings in our area have undergone renovations and upgrades in order to save these pieces of history from becoming victims of the wrecking ball. They have been rewired to increase their abilities to provide electrical power needed for today’s computers, printers and copiers. They’ve been redesigned to handle large, powerful computer networks. Sadly, the elevators in these buildings may only get a mostly-cosmetic makeover. This lack of attention may come back to haunt some building owners and managers, since elevators and their associated shafts are still integral structural elements of these buildings and they may be ready for some renovations, themselves.

Elevator Services in Washington DC, such as Elevator Technologies, Inc. of Washington, DC can assess your elevator system and help bring it current with the rest of the building. They have years of experience in all types of buildings, large and small, and they can share that experience with you when you become a client. No matter what type of elevator system you have, or how old it may be, they can bring it into the 21st century.

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