Considerations for Sedation and a Children Dentist Heber Springs

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Children often get overwhelmed about going to medical offices. As an adult, you may even have bad memories about going to the dentist as a child. This makes some people apprehensive about taking their children to the dentist. Avoiding dental appointments could result in serious dental issues going undetected. This could also lead to certain issues being more difficult to correct. Some people have found that choosing a dentist who sees adult and children patients can help to ease anxiety in children. Simply put, your child may benefit from seeing you react well to going to the dentist which could change his or her attitude about dental appointments.

Some dental procedures can be scary to children, and some children may have conditions that warrant other measures to calm them when they are receiving dental treatments. Sedation is often used to calm children. If you know that your child has anxiety or mental delays, you could benefit from discussing sedation dentistry with a children dentist Heber Springs. Sedation may also be used when dental procedures need to be performed on infants or if children have gag reflex issues.

Certain types of anesthesia can safely be administered in dental offices, but other types are administered in a hospital setting. Your children dentist Heber Springs will determine the best approach based upon the procedures which need to be completed. Even if your child has to go to the hospital, the procedure will likely be outpatient. Multiple extractions might warrant sedation in a hospital environment due to the potential for excessive loss of blood.

Following sedation, you will be given instructions regarding your child’s aftercare. Ensure you understand and follow the instructions for safety reasons. Sometimes children will experience effects from the sedation as much as 24 hours later. This can affect their mobility, memory and alertness.

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