Top Grade Medical Evidence Required for Waukegan Social Security Benefit Claims

March, 2013 by

There are many Waukegan recipients of social security benefits, but if you were to interview many of them, they’d probably all agree that getting those benefits was a total pain in the beanbag. If it was an easy process, then everyone would be applying, and there are fraudulent people out there who have made the process more arduous and difficult for everyone else.

In the face of disease, illness and disability, it seems very unfair that the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs such immaculate records of your condition to be able to allow you to receive your benefits. But then it’s only fair to make sure that careful consideration has been given to every single applicant, so if anything, you will be counted, and your story will be told for a fair chance at getting what you need to make sure your quality of life stays on track.

The biggest complaint of applicants is the amount of time it takes to process everything. Even with representation from Waukegan’s finest social security benefit lawyers, it’s still going to move slowly. You can help process it just a little faster by being as efficient as possible. Be prepared even before you meet with someone about your social security benefits application.

Your lawyer will ask you to produce records that are relevant to your condition. It’s a good habit to have all medical documentation in files ready to be duplicated and distributed. The SSA usually looks for files no older than 6 months, but if you have a condition that is very old, or one that is advancing slowly, it’s good to have the longterm records as well, to show the entire history. Keep records up to date and at your fingertips for quick social security benefits processing.

Your records also need to be in compliance with what is accepted by the SSA. A naturopath is not considered to be a doctor by the SSA, neither are chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists or your former boss’s sister’s shamanic healer. While some of these healing methods may work for you, they are not going to work at your social security benefits hearing.

It’s best to try and stick with at least one local Waukegan doctor who has a history with you, who fills the role of your “treating physician.” The SSA is looking for proof of your condition through licensed physicians (MDs), osteopaths (DOs), optometrists, podiatrists and speech pathologists.


When it comes to getting your social security benefits, Nash Disability Law has the experience and expertise needed for getting a foothold on your secure future. They are conveniently located for Waukegan residents and Chicago’s surrounding cities.